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No more limitations no restrictions no more hesitation no inhibitions

Your lonely cage is now unlocked once shackled ankles now free to walk

Demon Dean
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“Don’t fucking psychoanalyze me, Sammy,” he grated. “That might be something you’ll regret. It’s dark in here,” he pointed at his temple. “Might not find your way out if you get too far inside.”

Dean, “Nightmares”

I think that one goes for me too. I am the master of complicated life and thoughts. But I do love fanfiction and Supernatural to the uttermost level of devotion. I love, eny and adore people who can write fanfiction so well it makes me cry, laugh, squirm or go running for a cold shower.

While I’m not writing, reading or watching (or overall obsessed by) SPN, I’m doing some metal-crafting, modeling or writing journalistic stuff to save myself from starvation. I also love metal/goth/electronic music and cyber-goth style in general.

Art by animotus

My music:

Is dark in general. Sometimes it’s happy or whacked, sometimes it’s sad. But mostly I love it when it’s experimental, when it can surprise me. My playlist is waaay to long to copy here but I have a few artists and songs that I absolutely adore.

Art by animotus

My fandoms:
Mostly just Supernatural, but I do keep an eye on Dark Angel, Dr.House, Syfy Alice, Dead Last, Due South etc.

Art by raloria

My fanfiction masterlist:

The dark days are coming

Art by apieceofcake

What I like:

Twisted humor

Pretty girls and gals


Art by enouva